December 10, 2013
The Drakensburg
January 21, 2014

Timeshare re-sales

In recent years a misconception has filtered into the rental and resale industry that certain agents who are given the title of an “ACCREDITED AGENT” are the only persons entitled to rent or resell a timeshare unit in the resort they are accredited to. This is done to create an illusion of exclusivity which is in fact totally false.

All original sales were undertaken through the Southern Sun group (which became Tsogo Sun) from 1982 and were covered by what is known as a “USE AGREEMENT” specific to each project. These agreements DO NOT in any way stipulate that re-sales of these units in the future have to be conducted through the administrators of these projects i.e Southern/Tsogo Sun or through their self appointed “ACCREDITED AGENTS”

In fact an “ACCREDITED AGENT” for a particular resort is often at a disadvantage when giving advice to a prospective renter or purchaser as their bias is obviously toward their own project and its advantages. Quantum Suns thirty year plus experience enables them to give a quantified opinion on all resorts with these views being un-blinkered and un-biased.

The quality of this advice does not just stop at the purchase or rental of a unit in the Southern Sun/Tsogo Sun resorts but also includes the highly rated Peninsula hotel in Cape Town and the Breakers Resort in Umhlanga coupled with a wide variety of apartments and up market accommodation in the Umhlanga area.

Buying Timeshare outright and one off rentals

Quantum Sun Leisure Options are active in all Southern Sun/Tsogo Sun resorts, the Peninsula in Cape Town and the Breakers in Umhlanga. Quality and unbiased advice is freely available on all aspects and should be sort after for total peace of mind.

Our staff and associates collectively have over sixty years of experience in this complex market and the commissions applied are advantageous to both, buyer and seller. Knowledgeable advice on where, what and why a unit should be purchased or rented is freely available. If your lifestyle has changed and you wish to down grade, up-grade or add to your existing portfolio, there is no better information available. It will cost nothing more than your time to talk to us about your long term timeshare requirements or rental needs. Call us on 031-5614951 or e-mail us on for an immediate response.