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March 13, 2013
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November 27, 2013

Timeshare Points Explained


We are often contacted and asked how can we use our timeshare points? Well this often depends on what timeshare points you have accumulated. Should you belong to a timeshare resort affiliated to one of the timeshare exchange organisations such as RCI (Resort Condominiums International) or Interval International/Sunswop, your unit that you own with the resort has a certain number of points allocated to it depending on the size of the unit and the time of the year or week in which it is situated in. Obviously points accruing to you should you decide to spacebank your unit will be more if your unit is in a high season as apposed to a unit in an out of season week. Also the number of points that you will accrue depends on the size of the unit which you own. There are other points that are allocated for timeshare in South Africa, these being for ownership in holiday clubs.

If you are approached to purchase points in a holiday club, one should always ask questions such as what happens if I wish to dispose of these points in the future,  and how easy will it be to obtain a holiday in a school holiday season. If the answers are vague and cannot be substantiated by hard facts, one should seriously consider an alternative such as a purchase in a timeshare project offering ownership of a particular unit in a particular week which you can see, feel and appreciate the view from and most importantly which you see yourself using each year.

Points can be accrued for a period of current year + two years and enable you through the reputable exchange organisations mentioned above to exchange through the 150 plus timeshare affiliated resorts in South Africa and up to 5000 plus resorts world wide. Obviously there are exchange fees involved with exchanges in South Africa costing between R350 and R1000 whereas overseas exchanges using your points may cost you up to R3000. These exchanges however will often prove to be just a small percentage of the normal cost of a holiday should you not be benefiting from the value of the points you have accrued by banking your unit with the exchange organisations.

Should you wish to find out more about exchanges and the versatility of timeshare in South Africa and overseas, contact Quantum Sun by visiting our website or phone us on 031-5614951 and we will be only too happy to tell you more about what a wonderful world timeshare points opens up for you. If you have found this article to be useful and helpful please pass it onto your friends and acquaintances.