Resales & timeshare ownership


Resales and timeshare ownership

Timeshare ownership has become a worldwide phenomena with over 5 million owners around the globe and 260 000 in South Africa alone.

The industry in South Africa has blossomed since the first resort the uMhlanga Sands was launched in 1982 to an industry that now offers 180 shared vacation projects in South Africa.  But as with most things in our lives, circumstances change. For example we change our motor vehicle from big to small and from on-road to off-road and the homes we live in to suite our lifestyles  and even the country we live in as we move through life.

Timeshare ownership also changes from the need to own in high season in full entertainment resorts when the children are growing up to a laid back life style out of season as we grow older. This is where Quantum Sun can assist with your change in circumstances and help you dispose of those timeshare assets that no longer fit your present circumstances.

Our resale division is manned by personnel with many years of experience in the industry and who have access to an active client list that will enable fast, efficient sales to be achieved. We are always on top of current market trends and the valuation of units throughout the year. If your circumstances have changed and you wish to dispose of your timeshare holdings, we are the people to talk to. In season sales can often be negotiated and sold within days whilst units that fall outside of high seasons can take longer to dispose of but are still in demand.

The procedure is simple and straight forward. When you contact us we will give you an estimated net return to yourself for the units you wish to sell. Once this has been established, we will forward an open mandate to you to sign confirming your instruction for us to proceed with a sale.  You will be advised to retain your original share certificates until such time as a confirmed sale has been concluded. Once this happens you forward this certificate to ourselves and we personally take this to the share registry office concerned.

All paper work will then be drawn and forwarded to you and the purchaser for signature and submitted to share registry. When the transaction has been registered into the new owner’s name, the funds held by ourselves in our trust account will be deposited into your nominated bank account. It is as simple as that.

The valuation of your units is based very much upon the season in which they fall and the availability of units in that period. If you have bought high season units many years ago, you can expect an extremely good return on the resale of these.

Contact us for further information. You will be surprised how quickly we can dispose of units that no longer fit into your present requirements.

Of course you may want to use some of your resale funds to enjoy further timeshare in an out of season time and once again we can be of assistance to you.

Purchase of timeshare units

Do you wish to join the 260 000 timeshare owners in South Africa and enjoy all the benefits of ownership coupled with the resultant saving you will experience over the years to come?

Buying a timeshare unit is not however a simple task as there are many pitfalls and mistakes that can be made along the way. It is essential that you should talk to someone who has experience of the industry and can establish precisely your requirements. Our staff collectively offer you over 50 years of knowledge and experience having being involved since the launch of the first project in 1982. When you buy timeshare, you must ensure that you are buying a workable asset that is designed to enhance your lifestyle in the medium term. Many purchasers have been lead along a road that offers no advantages and which often leads to many misconceptions and costly mistakes. We can guide you and advise on the right resort and time of the year which you should consider when purchasing for the lifestyle you desire for you and your family.