Sep 2016 Newsletter
September 12, 2016
Jan 2017 Newsletter
January 24, 2017

How do I rent my timeshare

The answer to this question may appear at the outset to be simple and straight forward. It is amazing however how complicated and multifaceted it can be.  Firstly of course one can approach friends and neighbour’s, or put an advertisement on the office notice board and then sit back and wait for results. This is often a rather hit and miss approach and can prove to be not only frustrating but unsuccessful. The problem with this method also is that often when you are approached by someone wishing to take the unit off your hands especially if it someone in the close family circle, they often want it either for nothing or for a fraction of the levy or at best for the levy itself. Often you feel under pressure and sell yourself short by letting it go at well below what the unit is basically worth.

A second method of approach is often the placement of advertising in either your local or regional or national press. This once again can prove to be very frustrating and also very expensive.

Persons approaching you through your advertisement will often once again appeal to your charitable side and offer you prices well below what the unit may be worth. Once this price is agreed, it is not also the end of your problems as collecting the funds can often mean many expensive phone calls and being let down by promises that never materialise.

A more structured approach can be adopted and can prove to be far less stressful than the above. Approaching a reputable timeshare rental agent like Quantum Sun can take out the many frustrations resulting in a successful rental transaction. When approaching an agent, an estimate of the anticipated return to yourself will be given coupled with a guarantee that the unit will be rented if this is in season. There is also a 90% chance of rental out of season. Quantum Sun will give you a net estimated return to yourself as their commissions are added on top of the rental figure quoted.

The figure quoted to yourself is in almost all instances higher than the cost of your levy as Quantum Sun believes in the principal that all rental returns should show at worst a small profit to the owner or a handsome return if this unit happens to be falling into a high season week.

Once the quoted amount is agreed upon, we will forward to you an open mandate for one year to place the unit on our books for rental with the understanding that this can at any time be removed by yourself should circumstances change.

Quantum will pay you by EFT transfer during the week prior to occupation or earlier by arrangement.

One final question you may pose is what happens if we do not rent the unit. In the event of you not wishing to use yourself, we will spacebank this with the exchange organisation RCI.

So why don’t you give Quantum Sun an opportunity to show you how simple it is to rent out your unit. Take advantage of our twenty five years of experience and you’ll be surprised how simple it is to rent your timeshare