Sep 2016 Newsletter
September 12, 2016
How do I rent my timeshare
September 13, 2016

Sep 2016 Newsletter

Rental of your December season timeshare units

Most December timeshare owners have already made up their minds with regard to the rental of their units in the forth coming season. There are however quite a few of you who are still trying to make up your minds with family members uncertain as to whether they will be using the units that you have in your portfolio. If you have entrusted your units to us already please disregard this letter.

Quantum Sun would like to appeal to you to give this your serious consideration as there is a tendency from past experience for prices to soften as we approach the end of the year as many timeshare rental parties come out of the woodwork at the last minute and offer ridiculously low prices for units. The belief is that owners like yourself will be forced to accept cheaper prices if there is a glut of last minute units placed on the market.

We suggest you do not fall into this trap this year and we would recommend that you contact us urgently to obtain a quote which will almost certainly be as good if not better than anyone else may offer you at this late stage. We are urgently looking for units in the Southern Sun/Tsogo Sun resorts and the Peninsula in Cape Town especially over the weeks 51, 52 and 53, although if you do own other weeks at the end of the year, we are only too happy to also give you an indication as to their values.

We look forward to hearing from you urgently.

Remember Quantum Sun is the largest independent timeshare rental agency in prime timeshare resorts in South Africa. We can be contacted by e-mail on or by ringing us on 031-5614951 or send us a fax on 031-5614963.

Also contact us if you would like a quotation to sell your units outright. We have a data base of keen buyers for all your year-end units. We also negotiate sales during all other weeks.

Finally remember accredited agents located at timeshare resorts have NO exclusive rights when it comes to the rental or resale of units at the resort where they are located.

Their appointment in fact restricts their activities to the resort they are accredited to and gives them NO exclusive rights to conduct business at that resort.

We look forward to your urgent advice.

Kind Regards